Choiva wil een album opnemen en we hebben jouw hulp nodig!

Lees over ons aankomend debuutalbum Guru's Girlfriend hieronder!

EP Guru's Girlfriend release feb 2019

Choiva is a multi-instrumental duo with Wieke Garcia and Marieke Snijders. They met again in 2017. Both in a busy period of their lives longing for peace and silence to give space for new musical adventures. They decided to meet weekly to exchange ideas, improvise and walk in nature. After two years of working on this slow project, the EP Guru’s Girlfriend is a fact!

Marieke Snijders and Wieke Garcia

Meet our amazing band

Marco van Os, Frank Cornelissen and Yordi Petit!


At the Paltz, Hermanvanveenartscentre
we had a great night celebrating our new music