Wieke Garcia

Wieke is a blessed vocalist who always puts her virtuosity at the service of music. Over the years she trained herself on harp and percussion. And not only in terms of rhythm and sound does it impose any restrictions. With great ease she knows how to seduce the listener in her musical adventure.

During and after her education at the Rotterdam conservatory, vocals and percussion, she is part of the theater group of Herman van Veen and played in many projects around the world.

In 2008 she started her own projects composing and performing which resulted in several tours and cd’s. www.wiekegarcia.com

Marieke Snijders

Marieke Snijders studied vocals and piano at the conservatory in Utrecht and graduated in both directions. As a singer and pianist, she feels just as much at home on a large pop stage as in shows in theaters. In music theater performances she played for, among others, the Karavaan, Orkater and Het Filiaal. With the band DASH! she toured through China and Europe. Marieke played at the North Sea Jazz festival, 1000 Years of Jazz, with the Metropole Orchestra and on various pop stages in the Netherlands. As a teacher she is affiliated with the HKU, the DLV conducting course and she gives lessons and workshops to actors, conductors and choirs.

(Together with harpist / singer Wieke Garcia she founded the band Choiva in 2018, in February their first EP comes from "Guru’s Girlfriend")